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Swim 310 Contact: 310-720-0174. Email:

NOTICE: Swim310 instructors are not available until late May. We are currently not scheduling new swim pupils but will be soon; please come back to the site for updates in May. I will update the site once we are operational for the spring/summer 2018 season.

    Swim Instructors Wanted Job Torrance Redondo beach: Swim 310 has water safety instructor and swim instructor jobs available in Torrance and Redondo Beach. Many of our instructors are booked, as such we are seeking to expand our network. If you or someone you know has the following credentials please email your resume to
  • At least 3 years experience as a water safety instructor.
  • Current CPR and WSI credentials (or sub similar training from a qualified swim school for WSI)
  • Patient, charismatic, and most importantly responsible.
  • Able to work with all ages (infant to adult, and abilities (beginner to advanced).
  • Be really good at what you do! Have that knack for teaching and inspiring that is rare to find.

All ages and abilities welcome. We teach water safety to non swimmers as well as advanced swim pupils learning stroke refinement.

Looking to join the Torrance and Redondo Beach's top water safety instruction network? We are seeking more elite swim instructors. Please send resume to

  • Your pool or ours: Our Torrance and Redondo Beach swim instructors will go to your location. We also have two pools from which we give lessons. Megan has commenced giving lessons from our heated pool in South Torrance as of April 20th of 2017. Rates for private lessons with Megan are $45 for 30 minute blocks. Please read her web page linked to the left for more info.

  • Experience: Each of our instructors has over 3 years of experience teaching water safety lessons.

  • Results: The instructors you see on the site have all been screened and chosen from a large multitude of instructors, with only the very best and most effective making it into the network. Each swim instructor has remained in this network due to great and consistent reviews from families.

  • Rates: For rates at our pool or yours click the rates link to the left.

  • Special Needs Swim Pupils: Megan has over a decade of experience helping special needs kids and adults learn water safety. Prior to joining Swim 310 she taught special needs swim pupils for many years both privately and for swim schools. She is great with swim students with autism, down syndrome, and those with other physical and mental challenges. As a personal trainer she also can help with rehab in a pool setting. Her gentle and positive demeanor makes her exceptional for the task of teaching water safety. She is also great with swim pupils without these challenges, and teaches all ages and abilities.

    Welcome to Swim 310. We are a group of elite water safety instructors in Torrance and in surrounding cities such as Palos Verdes and the Redondo & Manhattan beach areas. When working with a new pupil we focus first on getting the pupil water safe. After this other skills such as learning the different strokes, diving, treading water, streamlining, and others are taught. We've been serving the 310 area since 2004 with in-home swimm lessons in the cities of Palos Verdes, Torrance, Redondo Beach, and Manhattan beach. We welcome special needs swim pupils with autism and down syndrome. If your child has special needs send us an email or call and we can let you know if we are a good match to teach him or her water safety. At our pool we allow 1 or 2 swim pupils at a time in the pool area. If you have a pool there is no limit to the number of swim students you can have in the pool.

    All ages and abilities: For infants ages 6 months and up we provide parent and child aka mommy and me courses. The purpose is to get your infant comfortable in the water so that s/he will not be afraid when the time comes to learn water safety as a toddler. For ages 2 and up we welcome all ages and abilities, from the non swimmer afraid of the water to the competitive swimmer working on advanced stroke refinement. Our pool is 10 yards in length and currently a warm and clean 85 degrees.

    Our network is composed only of swim instructors who are great at teaching water safety and advanced swim lesson techniques in the Torrance and surrounding areas. Most have over 5 years of experience and are in the education field during the school year. We don't require that you purchase a block of several lessons. You simply try an instructor for one initial lesson and if you like her you pay as you go. Each instructor has her credentials listed on her web page.

    Each instructor has been certified in the in depth (WSI) course by an American Red Cross certified swim school or by the American Red Cross itself.